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Choose Sapphire Knives or not?
May 05, 2017

                                                        Choose Sapphire Knives or not?

         As most of ophthalmic surgeons know, Have large market for disposable stainless steel blades.These blades are usually made of a lesser material and not intended to be re-used. Xingmao company has developed the ophthalmic sapphire knives, which are fully reusable,withstand repeat sterilization without compromising the quality precision.Ophthalmic instruments knives can be used many times. Sapphire Blades are a very cost effective alternative to both expensive reusable and disposable instruments. We believe that the quality and performance of our instruments has surpassed our competitors and have doctors throughout the world coming back to the Xingmao brand. An instrument built to last and perform at an affordable price will be most cost effective to your practice that is running through boxes of disposable Blades.




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