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Dermatome Skin Graft Machine
Apr 18, 2018

                                     Dermatome Skin Graft Machine

      Importance of Caring for the dermatome skin graft.

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       The Dermatome and accessories must be inspected prior to each use

  •        Visually inspect for any damage or wear on Dermatome

  • Always inspect the Dermatome cutting edge carefully for possible nicks or burrs caused by extended use or mishandling.

  •        Check that the Dermatome is running smoothly, before operating.

  •         If damage or wear is noticed on the dermatome that may effect the functioning of the Dermatome, do not use.Contact us directly.

Inspection of Skin grafting instruments on receipt

  •        Keep all packing material until the content has been verified and an initial operational check has been performed.

  • If the Dermatome is damaged, contact the representative immediately to come and inspect the dermatome and to prepare a report, the Dermatome will be returned to our factory for evaluation.

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