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Enterprise Culture
Mar 24, 2017

                                Enterprise Culture 
Xingmao Spirit – Industrious and Realistic; Surpass Ourselves 
    Operation Idea - Creativity, Challenge and Cooperation 
    Innovative Idea – Market First; Then Factory Follows 
    Marketing Idea - Reputation First; Then Products Follow. 
    Service Idea - Strive to Make Customers Moved! 
    Quality Idea - Great Products Come From Great People 
    Survival Idea - Prepared for Danger in Times of Safety 
    Market Idea - Only Weak Mind; No Weak Market 
    Employment Idea – Place the Right Person in the Right Place 
    The 3C (Creativity, Challenge and Cooperation) operation idea reflects the pioneer spirit of our company. Being our core idea, it requires us to maintain good relationship with every customer and to constantly develop creative ideas in marketing or technological development. Constantly creative ideas contribute to our sustained growth. 
    “Creativity, Challenge and Cooperation” is our all time operation idea. 
    “We Bear the Risk, but Share Profits” is our promise to business partners! 
    “Stay with International Leading Technology, and Constantly Introduce New High-tech Products Leading Market Needs” is our development statement. 
     We sincerely hope that distributors all around the world focus on “Xingmao Industry” more closely. Let us work together to achieve greater development!