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FUE &FUT Compasion
Jan 07, 2017


       FUE Technology is the famous hair transplant surgery technology operation technique at present, take out the part of healthy hair follicle tissue, after careful processing training according to the natural hair growth direction of artistic transplantation in patients with a bald head, hair loss, advantage is without surgery, postoperative recovery fast, leave no trace, do not need to take out stitches suture.


        FUT need cut a piece of thin in back pillow parts via the operation, after picking off the thin strip, the back pillow parts need to suture.The strips are divided by a hair follicle division to high power under a magnifying glass to watch, then isolate each hair follicle unit, planting to hair loss.


FUE&FUT Comparison  

       Simply, FUE and FUT biggest difference lies in the different way of hair, FUE adopt the method of follicle unit extraction, each hair follicle unit is a single from back pillow parts by a doctor, and then planting, and FUT from cut a thin from back pillow parts, and then suture, cut thin strips of hair follicles from extract.As you can see, FUE less trauma to the scalp, and FUT because of bar cutting, take out stitches stitches and, but also can leave a scar after surgery.So FUE is more famous than FUT at present.