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FUE Technology Introduction
Jul 18, 2017

      FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is an international revolutionary technology. It is a new method of obtaining "FU" from the hair loss area of the hair loss patient by means of a micro-device, which is also the minimally invasive surgical procedure for hair follicles.

     The technical principle of folding

       FUE ultra-fine traceless hairplant using hair transplant instrumentsfrom the human brain occipital collection of permanent growth of healthy hair follicles, the special treatment after the implantation to the hair loss area to survive, after the survival of the hair to retain the original hair of all growth characteristics, And the original no different Because the surgery is only in the scalp surface, so the skin will not leave any sequelae, and the surgery will not hurt the nerve and brain surgery. There are hair transplant surgery only hair follicle transplantation, transplanted from the occipital to the hair loss area, from the existing technology, the surgery on the one hand the original hair will not hurt, on the one hand to ensure the high survival rate of transplanted hair follicles, Said that the human body is also not dangerous what is no more complications. FUE surgical advantages of surgery is no need to surgery, postoperative recovery quickly, leaving no traces after surgery, no need to suture and stitches, patients do not need hospitalization.



      The technical advantages of folding

     1. Hair follicle removal rate is high, hair follicle removal rate of 100%.

     2. Hair follicle survival rate is high, the new transplanted hair, hair follicle survival rate as high as 98% or more.

     3. Hair effect naturally, according to the normal hair growth direction transplant, the effect of true natural perfect.

     4. The number of withdrawals increased, compared with the traditional FUE hair removal technology increased by 85%.

     5. Pick up speed, high-tech equipment, pick-up speed compared to the traditional FUE two or three times faster.

     6. Safe and painless, the use of the United States professional analgesic surgical system, the whole painless, easy.

     7. Postoperative recovery faster, ultra-fine minimally invasive surgery, postoperative recovery faster, does not affect the work.


Hair Transplant FUE Machine.jpg

      FUE Surgical procedures


      1. Hairline design

      2. Density measurement

      3. Extract hair follicles

      4. Remove the hair follicles on the configuration of the liquid, to improve the survival rate of hair follicles

      5. FUE precision instruments on the hair loss of a reasonable distribution, and then the hair follicle as a unit for transplantation. When transplanted, the patient will not feel pain. After the operation is completed, the head does not need any dressing.

      6. Postoperative treatment: the operation is completed, the patient must be cleaned hair, wound for disinfection, in strict accordance with the doctor's advice to take antibiotics and hormones, to prevent bacterial infection.


hair follciles.jpg

       Folding Edit this paragraph to adapt to the crowd

       Hair loss hair, scar hair, scar lack of hair, the hair is too high to adjust, to create a beautiful tip, sideburn beard repair, eyebrows scarce, rare eyelashes, body hair and other local modification.


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