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Hair Transplant New Tools,Will you try it?
Jul 17, 2017

                                                Hair Transplant New Tools,Will you try it?

      As a people who want to do hair transplant surgery.If you do hair transplant surgery, security is good? Experts say, in fact, there are a lot of hair transplant needs, but they will also have all kinds of questions. Hair transplant was first appeared in the Second World War, has been more than 70 years of history, Japanese scientists found that hair to carry the hair follicle after transplantation can survive, and can be normal growth and metabolism. So is it safe for hair transplant surgery?

hair follciles.jpg

       Is the hair transplant surgery both safe and safe in terms of safety, and is it safe for hair transplant surgery? This concern is completely unnecessary. Hair transplant surgery is only a head surface of the micro-traumatic surgery, if you choose the advanced traceless hair technology, then the surgical process do not need surgery, surgery will naturally leave no scars and sequelae, the safety and reliability It is relatively high.

       In fact, the safety and success of hair transplantation surgery is not only depends on the technical level of doctors in medical hair development agencies, but also depends on the hair transplant tools, a good hair transplant instruments can effectively avoid damage to hair follicles, the most important thing is to add the survival rate of hair follicles. But also can better improve the safety of hair transplant surgery.


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       Xingmao supply sapphire hair transplant blades and distribute in USA,Europe,Middle East,Asia and so on,and got good feedback from hair transplant experts and surgeons.Sapphire blades will cut 3500-6000slits,some surgeons say he will cut 7500slits in surgery.Sapphire hair transplant knife with its smooth edge and sharp point will not damage existing hair.Common size:075 0.80 0.90 1.00 1.20 1.25 1.30 1.50 2.00mm.Also we can custom-made blades according to surgeons feedback.If you are distributor,we also looking for distributors in your country.




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