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Hair Transplatation History
Jan 07, 2017

       Last century 50s hair transplantation founder is a Japanese doctor OKUDA,  He had an skin grafting operation for a burned patient’ brain back including hair follicles,and the results at the site of the transplant unexpectedly grow new hair,after that  Hajime Tamuna for female patients with vaginal glabrous disease successfully implanted in one or two units hair follicle transplantation, and made a detailed record.At that time, due to in the second world war, as a result, his work did not get the attention of the world medicine.

       In 1959 USA Cosmetic Surgeon Orentreich describes the Punch transplantation, published principle and operation method of hair transplantation in the western modern first , and points out that transplantation donor area advantage: when the transplantation embryonic (back brain hair follicles) transferred to other parts, still keep the characteristics of its continued growth.Created a applies to hair transplantation for the treatment of male baldness.As this record, "permanent" hair and scalp expansion and flap transfer loss, is the foundation of all hair replacement surgery operation.So, a modern accounts of a hair transplant at least 60 years old.

      After more than 30 years of development, improve and complete, the hair follicles does continue to grow, not like the original hair atrophy, degeneration and necrosis.Self hair transplantation and regeneration surgery has become a kind of safe, reliable, and can fundamentally solve the problem of balding, hair loss on cosmetic surgery method.

Follicles unit hair transplantation commonly used mature hair transplant technology in world famous hair transplant center.In 2008 ISHRS zhi-xiang Yang proposed follicles unit extraction technology (FUE) applications.Since then, "" FUE hair transplant technology make the hair transplant the fundamental solution to the problem of hair loss treatments reached a relatively perfect stage.

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