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How to sterilized sapphire knives?
Mar 30, 2017

                                                          How to sterilized sapphire knives?

       Disinfection usually adopts soaking by disinfectant or autoclave sterilization.

       (1)Put the ophthalmic sapphire knives in the autoclave and sterilize for 20 min at 125 °~ 128 ° temperature. Soaking by disinfectant must reach 10 hours.

       (2)After the surgery,clean the bloodstain by clean water and then dry naturally or by blower. Don't use any other items to wipe the blade.

       (3) Don’t hit any other instruments to avoid damage.

       (4) The ophthalmic instruments knives should be disinfected before using. It is banned to use without disinfection.

       (5) when using, cut and quite along the direction of cutting edge.Cannot use the blade to do side pick,otherwise, it will cause the tip of fracture.

       (6) if maintain well, it can use 1 ~ 2 years.