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International Trade And Medical Surgical Instruments
Aug 02, 2017

        Nowdays the new leaders of China have been voted. Mr. Xi Jinping and Mr. Li Keqiang are very wise and farsighted. They know where China will go to.

       Chinese Dream or China Dream, it is a very promising future. Every Chinese wants their daily life to be better and better. Also this is the final end-result of China Dream.

       In the past few year,China, the biggest population and economic country, has had a very fast and deeply development. For example, international trade, export and import are both the biggest in the world. International trade is very important to Chinese Economy. It is the biggest driving force to Chinese development.

       Also in the process there too many problems arose. Some biggest problems are as follows:The gap between the rich and the poor becomes bigger and bigger;The cost of daily life becomes higher and higher;More and more women and men face hair loss problems and hair transplant surgeons face how to make choice in hair transplant instruments?How to choose best quality with affordale price hair transplant equipment?


      The report shows that most of the exporting goods are hair transplant instruments&equipment,just like Sapphire Spear Point Hair Transplant Knife,FUE Punches,FUE Extraction Machine and so on.What is hair transplant spear point sapphire blades?It is made by sapphire and titanium handle.

       Sapphire Spear Point Knives with its smooth edge,neat incision,less scaring,high survial rate and durable sugery for nearly 4000-7500slits.Some surgeons have got 20000slits. It is widely used all over the world hair transplant and cosmetic surgeons.


Sapphire Hair Transplant Blade.jpg

Sapphire Hair Transplant Blade1.jpg

       So the requirement of hair transplant patients is more and more,this is chance for hair transplant instruments manufactures. So hair transplant experts need made some changes in hair transplant tools for better service for their clients.

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