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New Instruments FUE Machine
Jul 17, 2017

                                                               New Instruments FUE Machine 

       FUE traceless hair technology is a painless, no trace of advanced technology. It is the hair follicle extraction machine will be postoperative occipital or temporal hair follicles extracted, and then after isolation and cultivation, and then planted to the need to plant the location of the hair. With the advent of FUE hair technology, it has become the world's advanced hair planting technology. But not everyone can do FUE no trace of hair, and need to go through the hair specialist to carefully detect the quality of hair follicles to see if you can surgery.



       FUE No trace of the characteristics of hair technology.

       1, noninvasive

       Hair planting technology is a minimally invasive surgical technique, and FUE technology is one of the most minor surgery to maintain the number of hair follicle damage is the smallest of the hair technology. Able to achieve hair follicle extraction and cultivation of noninvasive.

       2, painless

       To achieve a non-invasive, also achieved painless. For local epidermal anesthesia such as hair planting surgery, the clinical experience of hair planting experts using FUE hair follicle extraction equipment extraction and planting hair follicles, by the surgeon without any pain.

       3, no trace

       The so-called trace, that is, after leaving no traces of surgery. FUE technology is the use of " follicle unit extraction" way to extract hair follicles, that is, each extraction only extract a hair follicle unit (a hair follicle unit with 1 to 4 hair). The third generation of FUE traceless hair technology on this basis, so that extraction is more flexible, like a hair on the scalp gently unplug a hair like that. In this case, there is no trail after surgery.

       4, no scab

       No scab is short of blood scab. As the "FUE no trace of hair technology" in the surgery without bleeding, then the surgery will not be left in the area by the blood scab, to ensure that the planting area of natural and perfect.

      In short, FUE traceless hair technology "can be widely used in hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, eyelash transplantation, temples graft, beard transplant, chest hair transplantation, body hair transplantation, scar transplantation, beauty tip shape, hairline adjustment and so on all kinds of hair Transplant surgery.


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