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Quality Policy
Mar 24, 2017

        It is the policy of Xingmao to provide products that meet or exceed all customer requirements. Each employee of this company is responsible for the quality of his/her work and is expected to constantly search for ways to improve the quality of his/her products and services.

      By instilling the responsibility for Quality in each person and function within the company, Xingmao's goal is to build the highest level of Quality available at each step in the process, which results in the elimination of customer complaints and nonconformances, while producing products that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations and specifications.

       Our team of professionals ensures that each product is assessed on well on parameters of design accuracy, dimensional stability and safety of use, before being approved for quality.

       Through empowerment of employees for the development and implementation of quality improvements and a strong understanding of the customer's needs, Xingmao will continue to grow and prosper while providing meaningful employment for its employees and healthy relationships with its customers