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Sapphire Hair Transplant Blades
Apr 21, 2017

                         Sapphire Blades for Hair Transplant Surgery 

       Sapphire Blades are manufactured using a chemical process wherein the final product is composed of artificial sapphire, one of the hardest substances available (sapphire blades are rated a "9" on the Mohs scale of relative mineral hardness, one level lower than the hardest and densest of materials, diamond).

  •     Function: Sapphire Spear Point Hair Transplant Knife Designed for Plastic, Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgery.Most will cut 2500-5000slits and begin to dull.Will still cut but need a little force to go thru skin and not creat skin damage.When cutting in areas that still has hair follicles steel blades can cause more damage to existing follicles.Sapphire Spear Point Knives with its smooth edge and sharp point will not damage existing hair,This is a very big advantage for sapphire.

  •        By crafting a blade from this material, the cutting edge will remain sharp for much longer periods, leading to long-term cost savings for your practice.


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