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Why more and more surgeons use ophthalmic sapphire knife?
Mar 08, 2018


                                              Why more and more surgeons use ophthalmic sapphire knife?

      sapphire while not as hard as diamond,is still hundreds of times harder than steel razor blades.The durability of the blades guarantees a unique operational life that exceeds one hundred incisions in addition,the blades and handle can be sterilized using any currently known procedure.The super sharp cutting edge,mirror surface finish,and low friction coefficient combine to create an accurate,clean cut with minimal tissue trauma,Scarring is thus reduced and incisions heal quickly.Both the stainless steel and titanium handles feature safety locks to protect the super sharp cutting edge from damage prevent injuries to medical personnel.


       Diamond knife quality at a fraction of the price. The sapphire knife is a precision cutting instrument for use in ophthalmic, neurologic and plastic surgery research procedures. It provides a superb cut far exceeding that of a finely honed steel knife. Under magnification of the optical microscope, even the best steel blade appears saw-toothed with metal flakes loosely attached to the cutting edge. Such a blade will produce a rough cut and damage to tissue. In contrast, the blades of WPI's sapphire knife can be polished to a far greater smoothness. An incision made by a sapphire knife results in significantly less damage than a conventional steel knife and no metal particles are left behind in the tissue, so wounds heal faster with less scaring.


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