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Will you interest FFS Hair Transplant Instruments?
Jul 18, 2017

                                                               Will you interest FFS Hair Transplant Instruments?

       "FFS" minimally invasive hair transplant technology, namely (FUE + FINE + Sapphire), this technology with FUE Extraction Machine, Sapphire Spear Point Hair Transplant Knife, low temperature microscope and other advanced equipment, artificially create a "micro" Infection environment, in this environment, hair loss, hair follicle against the very small, less bleeding, faster recovery.

    Sapphire Spear Point Knife

       Sapphire knives produced in China, is the current - the most convenient field of hair, fast, safe hair transplant tool.

The purpose of sapphire blades is to implant hair, such as hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, pubic hair, etc. in hairless skin tissue or scar.


Sapphire Blades Surgery.jpg

       Sapphire Blades Features:

      1) Sapphire tips wall is very thin, very sharp, and extremely hard. Incision less than 1mm, and sharp blade,squeeze small, the organization, nerve trauma reduced to a minimum, minimally invasive micro-pain, rapid recovery after surgery, the general wound growth closed less than 3h, no scar after healing;

     2) can also be based on the needs of transplanted hair thickness, the choice of different width,thickness,length tips.

     3) can be transplanted in the direction of hair growth direction, the angle can be any control.

     4) directly to the drilling and planting together, the operation more convenient, greatly reduced the operation time.

     5) can adjust the length of the head, implanted hair can be accurately and easily control the implant depth.

     6) One sapphire blade with titanium handle can be serviced 30-50patients.Really Cost-effective.

      7)ISHRS Surgeons likes sapphire hair transplant knives very much, sapphire blades with its smooth edge and sharp point will not damage existing hair follicles.Due to compared with steel blades,steel blades can cause more damage to existing follicles.


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