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Will you try new tools Sapphire Spear Point Hair Transplant Knife?
Mar 02, 2017

                                           Will you try new tools Sapphire Spear Point Hair Transplant Knife?

    Sapphire Spear Point Knives Introduction:

    Sapphire Spear Point Knives made by Sapphire blades and Titanium Handles.Sapphire blades advantages:

◎ high stability of physical and chemical properties, good compatibility

◎ little effect on neural excitability ,small astigmatism

◎ neat incision, wounds healing faster with less scaring,

◎ non-infiltration by acid and blood, corrosion resistance, sterilizing easily.

  spear point sapphire blades market 

◎ Several size ,so surgeons can choose according to by patients follicles.Common size:0.8 0.9 1.0 1.2.

◎ According to surgeons from USA,UK,Canada,Poland,Turkey,India,Pakistan,Kuwait and other area.The sapphire knives and blades is perfect than stainless steel blades or needles.

◎Maybe you think the sapphire blades expensive and will added purchasing cost,but you know sapphire blades is reusable.      So will have low cost per year.

  Sapphire Spear Point Knives is more and more popular in foreign surgeons,many ISHRS Surgeons start to test the blades now,hope you will have a try after check our website. 


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