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Xingmao OEM Service
Mar 24, 2017

      With over twenty years experience in this industry, Xingmao constantly delivers world class surgical instruments which enable us to have a preferred sub-contract / private label / OEM manufacturer for prestigious brands globally.

Xingmao's definition of OEM

      XINGMAO defines an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as an entity or organization that integrates a customized or embedded  Xingmao product in its own unique solution for sale to its customers. The proof of this concept is that the Xingmao product must be significantly transformed. The OEM Partner primarily uses its own company logo and brand name on its solution and it markets, sells and provides technical and warranty support directly to its customers.

To be OEM partner of XingMao

     In order to participate in Xingmao OEM Program, partners should first submit a completed OEM Application form or statement to Xingmao for initial review and pre-qualification prior to issuance of special OEM sell-through pricing and must agree to the terms of the Business Development Agreement( BDA) and OEM Custom Product Addendum. The completed and signed OEM application form/statement with required documentation should be mailed to xingmaotech@ hotmail.com or fax to 0086-29-85262948.

Customize service

       If you cannot find the exact blades you want,  we are able to customize them for you.We are glad to provide customized services to make special knives according to your requirement, please feel free to let us know the exact specifications you want.10% extra cost is generally applied for your special request.