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Eye Cutters Have Sliding Protective Sleeves
Sep 11, 2017

Ophthalmic knives belong to the field of medical devices. An ophthalmic knife with replaceable cutter head

The ophthalmic knife comprises a ring blade, a handle and a connecting rod connecting a ring blade and a handle, wherein the outer round edge of the annular blade and the inner round edge are all the edges of the profit. The annular ophthalmic scalpel has the advantages of simple structure and wide adaptability, Ophthalmic Knives and can be used to choose different blade parts of the scalpel according to the different parts of the operation, saving time and effort, and reducing the working intensity of the medical staff.

The ophthalmic knife includes a knife case, a cap, a sliding block, a sliding block cap, the shrapnel and the blade; the sliding block is provided with a fixing rod, a convex block, a fixed block of the blade, an elastic protrusion and a anti-slip pattern; Ophthalmic Knives the shrapnel is arranged between the fixing rod and the convex block; a well groove is arranged on the blade, and the square groove of the blade fits with the blade The sliding block cap is provided with a fastening rod, a fastening rod and a sliding block; Ophthalmic Knives the slide block is arranged in the chute of the knife case, and the cap is arranged at the bottom of the knife shell; The utility model has the following beneficial effects compared with the existing technology: a anti-slip component is arranged, and a sliding groove structure is arranged, The blade can be adjusted, the end of the hilt is provided with a cap, Ophthalmic Knives and the blade can be replaced.

Excellent performance of ophthalmic knife

Ergonomically designed toolholder allows for accurate and comfortable operation

At present, part of the evaluation index of OSHA exposure control plan

Ophthalmic knife Performance and characteristics:

Ophthalmic cutters have sliding protective sleeves that represent the highest level of the scalpel. At present, the types include bayonet, slit knife, Ophthalmic Knives transparent cornea knife and moon-shaped tunnel knife. 5 per box.