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Eye Knife Operation Is Convenient
Aug 30, 2017

Ophthalmic cutters have sliding protective sleeves that represent the highest level of the scalpel. At present, the types include bayonet, slit knife, transparent cornea knife and moon-shaped tunnel knife. 5 per box.

Ophthalmic knives, including blades, shanks, screws and nuts, Ophthalmic Knives wherein the blade is fixed on the handle, and by the screw, the nut to control its inspector or retracted, the back of the blade with a scale, the addition of a transparent platform with the casing fixed connection, the other end of the casing with the nut end hinge joint, the other end of the nut with the screw to match, Ophthalmic Knives The blade is fixedly connected with the screw in the casing through a transparent platform, and the other end of the screw is connected with the shank thread. When used, Ophthalmic Knives the rotating nut can adjust the blade to reveal the depth of transparent platform, the transparent platform has limit effect, make the scalpel mouth neat and easy to operate.

The ophthalmic knife comprises a ring blade, a handle and a connecting rod connecting a ring blade and a handle, wherein the outer round edge of the annular blade and the inner round edge are all the edges of the profit. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and wide adaptability, Ophthalmic Knives and can be used to choose different blade parts of the scalpel according to the different parts of the operation, Ophthalmic Knives saving time and effort, and reducing the working intensity of the medical staff.

An ophthalmic knife with a toothed front end arranged on the top of the outer circular blade, and the back end of the outer round blade is connected with one end of the shank 1 by the connecting rod; the other end of the hilt is provided with a convenient tweezers; the top of the two pinch arms of the convenient tweezers is provided with a mutually matched tweezers tooth part; a non-slip hand is arranged on the outer side of the two pinch arms of the convenient tweezers, and the external package of the handle is fixed with a anti-slip sleeve , Ophthalmic Knives the Antiskid sleeve is also provided with a finger-belly sucker; The utility model does not replace the cutter frequently, saves time and effort, and reduces the working strength of the medical staff. Ophthalmic Knives Tooth-shaped front end of the teeth with rounded corners, the operation is not easy to damage the eyeball tissue; The forceps are made of rubber material, not sharp, and small fragments are less harmful to the eye; new antiskid sleeve and anti-slip hand increase the grip handle of the convenient tweezers , the Finger belly suction cup is used to adsorb the user's finger belly to make the grip firmer.