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Introduction Of Main Types Of Ophthalmic Knives
Jul 27, 2017

Excellent performance of ophthalmic knife

Ergonomically designed toolholder allows for accurate and comfortable operation

Currently part of the evaluation of OSHA exposure control plans

Ophthalmic knife Performance and characteristics:

The eye knife has a sliding protective sleeve that represents the highest level of the scalpel. At present, the types include bayonet, slit knife, Ophthalmic Knives transparent cornea knife and moon-shaped tunnel knife. 5 per box.

Ophthalmic Scalpel Main Model introduction:

72-1501 Scalpel also known as 15-degree bayonet, 15-degree knife, Ophthalmic Knives used to make a super breast incision, the width of the nipple to determine

The use of various scalpel:

Bayonet: An auxiliary incision for a anterior chamber puncture or a super breast surgery for a super breast operation.

72-3261 3.2mm

72-2961 3.0mm

Tunnel Knives: These knives are used to make smooth scleral lobes, commonly used in the type 74-1010 elbow knife.

Cut: It is used to make a super breast incision, the width is determined by the nipple, Ophthalmic Knives the most commonly used in the United States is:

72-1501 15 degrees.

72-3001 30 degrees.

Implant knife: It is easy to insert artificial crystals with this kind of knife, Ophthalmic Knives the most commonly used is: 72-5261, however, with the large use of folding artificial crystals, 76-5161 is also widely used.

Trait knife: It is not the most commonly used, some like a puncture knife is used to do super breast surgery of the anterior chamber puncture mouth or auxiliary incision. such as: 78-6810, 72-1001, Ophthalmic Knives the other is used to replace the tunnel knife.

Spoon-shaped knife: this is the sharpest knife.

Glass Cutter: It is very small, also considered a kind of special knife.