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Ophthalmic Knives Have A Sliding Protective Cover
Aug 09, 2017

Ophthalmic knife for ophthalmology, microsurgery, ENT, neurosurgery, urology, hand surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Ophthalmic knives are made of stainless steel or titanium alloy telescopic handle, Ophthalmic Knives gemstone diamond head composition. Blade width range: 0.30mm-5.3mm, including: puncture knife, incision knife, lunar tunnel knife, knife edge knife, three-blade multi-function knife series.

Physical and chemical properties

Eye knife high hardness (Mo's 9, second only to diamonds), blade delicate, sharp high. Sapphire colorless and transparent to a great extent to improve the precision of surgery.

Ophthalmic knife was neutral, physical and chemical performance and stability, Ophthalmic Knives the impact of nerve excitability is small, not easy to adhere to blood stains, acid does not infiltration, corrosion-resistant and easy disinfection. The same time as

Ophthalmic knives are the field of ophthalmic surgical scalpel technology. An ophthalmic scalpel, comprising a shank and a cutter head, which is threadedly connected to the shank and the cutter head, which can be replaced by a screwdriver, which is triangular and two triangular edges are smooth blades Pointed wavy, Ophthalmic Knives the center of the head for the circular blade. The shank is provided with a grid-like anti-skid pattern and a suction cup is provided on both sides of the shank. The handle, the tip and the round blade are all stainless steel. The utility model is an ophthalmic scalpel, the head can meet the needs of different operations, easy to use, easy to damage the eye tissue, Ophthalmic Knives the handle between the knife and the head of the thread design to facilitate the replacement of the head, save resources, and the handle Sucker and anti-skid design to prevent the scalpel to fall, improve the operation of the precision, to the medical staff to bring great convenience.

Ophthalmic knife performance and features:

Ophthalmic knives have a sliding protective cover that represents the highest level of the scalpel. Current types include piercing knives, crevices, transparent corneal knives and lunar tunnel knives. 5 per box.