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Sapphire&Diamond Knives VS Stainless Steel Blades
Feb 18, 2017

   Another key to the success of plastic surgery surgery, cosmetic surgery in addition to doctors and hospitals play a decisive role, the choice of surgical instruments is also essential, because the stainless steel have metal diffusion, easy to pollute the wound, and stainless steel blade sharpness very limited, the incision is jagged, although we can not see in eyes, in fact, this wound is slow to restore, easy to leave the scar.


       Stainless Steel Blades is the culprit of the scar, Stainless Steel Blades incision into a zigzag, although the naked eye is difficult to distinguish, this wound healing is slow, easy to scar, and metal diffusion, pollution wounds, resulting in pigmentation. Now a lot of Chinese beauty doctors, even a one-time steel knife will be used dozens of times, sharp knife can be imagined. From the current development trend of the scalpel, the steel knife because of their physical and chemical properties and in the surgical process of the various drawbacks, will gradually be eliminated, the best for cosmetic plastic knife is a step diamond knives, but the price is too expensive , patients is difficult to accept, and almost all of the beauty hospital due to the high cost will not be used. The current best is sapphire knives, cheap, and the performance and step diamond knives almost the same. These knife blade precision to the cell size, only cut the cells, will not produce a large area of tissue damage, incision smooth, fast recovery, almost no scars after surgery.


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