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Skin Grafts Can Ensure That The Transplanted Epidermis Is Formed In The Area
Oct 18, 2017

Skin grafts are a tool for epidermal transplants. The epidermis transplant is made of cylinder and piston body, made of high quality transparent material, it is characterized in that the bottom of the cylindrical cylinder is meshed, the upper part of the cylinder is provided with internal thread, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments the piston body is provided with an outer thread, the cylinder is connected with the internal and external thread of the piston body, and the rotating handle on the piston body can be moved up and down in the cylinder. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, convenient operation, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments and can ensure that the transplanted epidermis is unfolded in the area, so that the epidermis is closely combined with the maximum area of the area, no gap and no wrinkle, which is beneficial to the survival of the transplanted epidermis and achieves satisfactory curative effect.

The skin graft apparatus is mainly arranged with the motor and its speed control mechanism in the inner cavity of the pickup holder connected with the pickup knife head, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments the motor is connected with the mechanical transfer mechanism connected with the pickup tool head, and the input end of the power supply battery of the speed control mechanism is electrically connected with the power supply Jack at the end of the pickup handle. Because it is a rechargeable power battery for the motor power source, and motor speed adjustable, therefore, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments the use of this electric leather knife safety, in the clinical operation can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the motor speed, to control the cutting speed of the skin knife, so that skin grafting surgery accurate and rapid operation, not only to reduce the operator's technical difficulties, so that the skin is more complete, Can be fully utilized, and can reduce the damage of cells and patients suffering, can effectively improve the skin graft, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments cut the success rate of surgery and cure. It can provide an ideal therapeutic instrument for skin grafting in burn and plastic surgery.

The skin graft apparatus comprises a base, a gear box mounted on top of the base by two guide pillars and a guide sleeve, a gearbox with a working shaft and a hand handle mounted over the base of four pillars, an eccentric wheel mounted at one end of the working shaft, and a connecting rod comprising an eccentric wheel and a tool holder, The turret moves up and down through the connecting rod and the eccentric drive, the characteristic is: The tool holder is box-shaped, the tool holder frame is installed in parallel with two support rods, respectively, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments two rows of fixed plates are staggered on the two supporting rods, each row of fixed plate is symmetrically loaded with two triangular blades, and the two blades form V-shaped. ; Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments A guide sleeve and a guide pillar are arranged vertically on the two sides of the tool holder, and the lower end of the guide pillar is fitted with a platen and a back spring, and a knife groove corresponding to the blade is arranged on the platen;