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Surgical Procedures For Skin Graft Instruments
Jul 27, 2017

What skin grafts are used for skin transplants?

Surgical procedures for skin grafts:

In the case of stable vital signs, the skin grafts in the hospital were treated as early as possible to remove the necrotic tissue of the wound by shallow-cut scab or cut-callus. Deep ⅱ° wound can retain thin layer dermis deep tissue, using cutting scab method, the wound need scalpel will cut the edge of the incision neat, convenient and free skin patch fine suture. Invasive radical hemostasis, full rinse to be skin.

The choice of the skin donor area of the middle thickness fault is the back, the side chest, the abdomen, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments the anterolateral thigh, the medial thigh and the calf. The wound of the area is <10%TBSA, the skin graft is taken by the drum-type skin grafting machine in the hospital, the wound >10%TBSA adopts the drum-type pick-up machine combined with the roller to take the skin knife or the electric cutting machine to cut the thin medium thick skin. No matter what kind of skin-pickup device is applied, the 10-3/epinephrine saline is injected into the donor area.

When skin graft is taken, skin grafts and assistants in the hospital should be fully pulled in the donor area, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments on the adult back can be cut to the width of the CM, the area of $number cm2 of the entire thin medium thick skin, drum-type pick-up machine using continuous skin technology can also be cut to the area of $number cm2 large Zhang Zhengho skin.

In the skin thinner parts of the body, such as lower abdomen, thigh inside, found that the donor skin area of the wound has small particles of fat exposure, in the hospital skin transplant should be another blade thick scalp covering the base. With multilayer Vaseline gauze covering the wound of the donor area, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments the thick cotton cushion is pressed and bandaged, $number D removes the outer dressing, preserves the inner layer Vaseline gauze, until the wound heals itself.

The long axis of skin grafts in the hospital is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the area, the skin piece and the edge of the 3/0 silk thread are stitched and fixed, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments and the skin piece is continuously stitched between the skin and the flap. If the roller to pick the skin blade edge to form a small serrated shape, should be slightly trimmed to benefit the skin and the skin piece docking tightly neat, and strive to skin graft without exposing any wounds.

In the hospital skin transplant should pay attention to special areas such as axillary, neck, buttocks, perineum should be packed with coarse silk thread, fixed dressings, and then pressurized bandaging; The 1 WK was first replaced with a conventional plaster-supported brake. If the first change of the dressing is found to have a skin graft or a poor skin graft, should immediately replenish the skin graft.

The commonly used skin slices are divided into three kinds: thickness of blade, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments medium thickness and full thickness.

1, blade thick skin

The blade thick skin piece includes epidermis layer and very few dermal papilla layer, is the thinnest skin piece, the thickness is generally 0.2~0.3mm. The main advantage of skin transplantation is strong vitality, can rely on plasma infiltration to maintain survival, so in the poor blood transport wounds or slightly infected granulation wounds easily survive, easy to cut, the donor skin area is unrestricted, Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments and in the same donor area can be repeatedly cut. The skin area heals quickly and does not leave scars and is ideal for the scalp. But its disadvantage is the texture is fragile, lacks the elasticity, does not wear the pressure. Late often wrinkle, dark color, poor appearance.

2. Full Thickness skin film

In the skin graft, the full thickness of the skin is the thickest piece of skin, including the epidermis and dermis. Full-thickness skin film rich in the dermis layer of elastic fibers, glands and capillaries, such as tissue structure, its advantages for the survival after shrinking less, good color, strong flexibility, grinding pressure and load, but the survival requirements of higher.

3, medium thick skin piece

The medium thick skin piece includes epidermis and partial dermis, the average thickness is 0.3~0.6mm. According to the number of different dermis is divided into thick, thick, thin medium thickness Two, the former about 1/3 leather, the latter contains about 3/4 genuine leather. Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments The thickness of the skin graft apparatus is between the whole thickness and the blade thickness, and has the advantages of both, it is easy to survive, the function is good, the application scope is extensive, for the clinical surgery most commonly used skin piece. The defect of the skin graft application is that scar is often left in the donor area.

In skin grafting, medium-thick skin graft is widely used in various fresh wounds and granulation wounds, depending on the area of the skin to determine the thickness of the thick skin. Burn Cosmetic Skin Graft Instruments Skin transplants can be performed by many plastic surgery agencies, but we also need to sift through the procedure before the operation and choose a regular, experienced body to perform the operation.