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The Characteristics Of Hair Transplant Equipment
Aug 21, 2017

Hair transplant equipment, including hair device, hair follicle extraction equipment

1. The use of liquid crystal touch screen control, user-friendly interface, more convenient, elegant appearance for some high-end places;

2. With automatic counting function, accurately record the extraction of each hair follicle, so that patients at a glance;

3. Central integrated control system, control more accurate, Hair Transplant Instruments both the angle and speed of choice, Hair Transplant Instruments improve the survival rate of hair follicles, saving the operation time;

4. A host, a foot switch, a handle.

Hair transplant equipment features:

1. Three in one multi-functional hair follicle extraction treatment platform, Hair Transplant Instruments reserved for unlimited upgrade space

2. Central integrated control system, Hair Transplant Instruments control more accurate, improve the survival rate of hair follicles, saving the operation time,

3. With automatic counting function, accurate records of hair follicles, so that patients at a glance,

4. Hair Transplant Instruments You can adjust the rotation angle and rotation speed at any time, the operation is more accurate,

5. The use of advanced LCD touch screen control, user-friendly interface, more convenient.

Hair transplant equipment clinical efficacy:

* Hair planting * hair encryption * eyebrows planted

* Eyelash planting * temples grafting * beard planting

* Hair planting * scarring hair * hair repair

Hair planting is a head cosmetic surgery, this head plastic surgery mainly use the hair follicle planting technology for the head of the beauty.

1, hair transplant equipment with sharp, thin wall, can be replaced and other characteristics, the doctor in the course of operation, with microscopic instruments clearly observe the growth direction of hair follicles, according to its direction and extraction unit size, Hair Transplant Instruments at any time to adjust the instrument diameter and needle Angle, rotation speed, to avoid the surgeon in the continuous replacement of the equipment, the operation time will be shortened 3-5 times, about 3000 units a day or so; Hair Transplant Instruments not subject to thin hair, hair volume and other conditions, hair follicle complete, zero damage, Limit the use of hair follicles, without the need for multiple hair.

2, in the course of surgery, the doctor at the same time with "constant temperature sterile technology" to cultivate hair follicles in vitro, increase hair follicle saturation and healing ability, advanced hair transplant equipment and microscope, "constant temperature sterile technology" perfect combination , Hair Transplant Instruments Will push the technology to a more perfect effect.

3, the instrument due to small epidermis trauma, to avoid scar tissue hyperplasia and excessive epidermal tissue deposition, natural scar can also use the FUE method, leaving no trace. Can be in the face and other parts of the body to extract hair follicles planted to the head, Hair Transplant Instruments a lot of shortcomings to make up for lack of hair resources. Hair transplant equipment fine, small epidermis trauma, Hair Transplant Instruments less bleeding during surgery, quick recovery, away from the "honeycomb head."

4, at the same time, hair transplant equipment according to the characteristics of hair follicles, in the fuselage plus a chip, with automatic counting function. In the surgery can automatically count the number of hair hair units of different hair, greatly solve the patient do not understand the number of units, the number of doctors in the inventory and other troubles, to further shorten the operation time, so that surgery is transparent, patients at ease.