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The Choice Of Hair Transplant Equipment
Jun 07, 2017

In recent years, hair transplant because of its effect is very sure, at home and abroad more and more widely used, more and more hair loss treatment of patients preferred.

But the reality is that some hair transplant surgery did not achieve the desired effect, the reason in the end because of what? After a number of surgical observation and experience, Hair Transplant Instruments and finally have a major discovery! The reason is that hair transplant equipment, improper choice, is the culprit of surgery is not successful.

We all know that hair transplant surgery is a fine surgery, the requirements for hair transplant equipment is very high. If you are using improper hair transplant equipment, not only will cause the failure of surgery, and will waste a very valuable hair follicle resources. Some institutions, for cost considerations, have chosen devices that seem cheap and are not really cheap. The result is poor surgical results, patient satisfaction is low, the institution's reputation has been lost. The relative cost savings for the loss of reputation is worth the candle, and it is difficult to make up. In fact, in the operation of the entire hair institutions, equipment, the proportion of expenditure is very low.

In the usual we are known as the trace of hair transplant, Hair Transplant Instruments are generally used in the principle of the same ring cutting the scalp form. Hair transplant equipment looks similar, but in reality there is a world of difference!

Here on the hair transplant equipment for the selection of some of the points to do some elaboration:

1. Be sure to select a product that has a national approval number.

2. Must be selected after a number of clinical use of mature products.

3. To choose a professional product.

4. Extraction of hair follicle ring drill (extract head) to use imported products.

5. Operation handle absolutely can not heat.

6. The speed of the operating handle is not as high as possible.

7. hair follicle extraction ring drill edge must be sharp, can not have burr and rugged, and the wall is thin.

8. Other auxiliary equipment, such as: surgical bed, surgical lamp, Hair Transplant Instruments extraction tweezers, separation tweezers, planting tweezers, magnifying glass, microscope, hair follicle separation plate, hair follicle memory, planting pen, hairline measuring instruments and other equipment to use professional hair transplant product.

At present, hair transplantation has been very mature, through the hair can be healthy hair follicles re-transplanted to the hair loss, and then you can see very obvious results. Hair Transplant Instruments And because the transplanted hair follicles do not contain male receptors, so the hair will not shed hair after hair, you can completely cure hair loss. At present, the implantation surgery is divided into a trace of hair and no trace of hair, no trace of hair surgery as a more advanced hair technology, also known as fue (Follicular Unit Extraction)), is under high power microscope through a special small diameter extraction device extraction hair follicle , Hair Transplant Instruments After special cultivation and treatment, planted to the hair loss area. As a result of the use of minimally invasive hairless hair technology to avoid the traditional surgery in the donor area will leave a scar problem, no need to surgery, no scars after surgery, surgical pain is small, fast recovery.