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The Physical And Chemical Properties Of Ophthalmic Knives
Aug 21, 2017

Ophthalmic knives are made of stainless steel or titanium alloy telescopic handle, gemstone diamond head composition. Blade width range: 0.30mm-5.3mm, mainly include: puncture knife, incision knife, Ophthalmic Knives lunar tunnel knife, knife edge knife, Three-blade multi-function knife series.

Ophthalmic knife materialization performance

Eye knife blade hardness is high (Mohs 9, second only to diamonds), blade delicate, sharp high. Ophthalmic Knives Sapphire colorless and transparent to a great extent to improve the precision of surgery.

Ophthalmic knife was neutral, physical and chemical performance and stability, the impact of nerve excitability is small, not easy to adhere to blood stains, acid does not infiltration, Ophthalmic Knives corrosion-resistant and easy disinfection.

The eye knife includes a blade, a shank, a screw and a nut, wherein the blade is fixed to the shank and is controlled by a screw or a nut to control its length or retraction, the back of the blade is dimensioned, The other end of the sleeve is hinged to one end of the nut and the other end of the nut is engaged with the screw. Ophthalmic Knives The blade is fixedly connected with the screw in the casing through the transparent platform. One end is connected to the shank thread. When used, the rotary nut can adjust the depth of the blade out of the transparent platform, transparent platform with a limit effect, making the surgical knife neat and easy to operate time-saving.