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The Principle Of The Use Of Hair Transplant Instruments
Jul 27, 2017

Hair grafting is a hair transplant device that will cut the hair follicles around the tissue together in full and out of the scalp in situ.

The hair transplant device obtains "FU" from the donor area of the hair loss patient by means of a precision miniature electric device, Hair Transplant Instruments and then the monomer is transplanted to the area where the hair is needed. is the smallest invasive hair follicle, Hair Transplant Instruments the survival rate of the best professional without scar hair plant. Can take about 2500-3000 units at a time, and no suture, no stitches after surgery, heal faster, do not leave traces.

Principles of hair transplant instruments

The hair transplant device is powered by a rechargeable battery that drives the micro motor to produce a high-speed rotational force, using 1. The 2mm diameter of the drilling machine directly from the hair loss patient donor area decentralized single extraction of hair follicles, Hair Transplant Instruments and then according to the direction of hair growth, monomer transplant to the desired location.

Technical advantages of hair transplant equipment

1, pain is slight, autologous hair follicle transplant, safe, no sex, no adverse reaction

2. Short operation time

3, postoperative trace small, delicate operation, small trauma, no trace after operation, do not affect daily life

4, the survival rate is high, the fue hair grafting surgery's important characteristic, Hair Transplant Instruments after planting the hair follicle survival rate to be 95%-100%

5, the effect of natural, fue hair grafting surgery typical characteristics, Hair Transplant Instruments after planting the hair density can reach 60-70 root/cm2