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There Are Many Types Of Ophthalmic Knives
Jun 07, 2017

Ophthalmic knives, including blades, tool holders, screws and nuts, in which the blades are fixed to the shank and are controlled by the screw and nut to control the length or retraction of the blade. The back of the blade is dimensioned and a transparent platform and sleeve And the other end of the sleeve is connected with one end of the nut. The other end of the nut is matched with the screw. Ophthalmic Knives The blade is fixedly connected with the screw in the casing through the transparent platform, and the other end of the screw is connected with the handle. When used, the rotary nut can adjust the depth of the blade out of the transparent platform, transparent platform with a limit effect, Ophthalmic Knives making the surgical knife neat and easy to operate time-saving.

Ophthalmic knives are durable and extremely sharp. Unique non-reflective design, the user to use more comfortable. All the blades are forming, feel very good. All materials are made of high quality in line with the US FDA and the European CE standard material.

Also known as 15 degrees puncture knife, 15 degrees side knife, used to do ultra-thin incision, Ophthalmic Knives the width of the decision by the ultra-nipple

The use of various eye knife:

Piercing knife: puncture knife is generally used to do super-breast surgery in the anterior chamber puncture or ultra-breast surgery auxiliary incision.

72-3261 3.2mm

72-2961 3.0mm

Tunnel knives: These knives are used to make smooth scleral flap, commonly used 74-1010 type elbow knife.

Cut the knife: it is used to do super-thin incision, the width of the decision by the ultra-nipple, Ophthalmic Knives the most commonly used in the United States:

72-1501 15 degrees

72-3001 30 degrees

Implant knife: With this knife is easy to set into the intraocular lens, the most commonly used is: 72-5261, however, with the large number of folding artificial crystals, 76-5161 has also been widely used.

Trail: it is not the most commonly used, and some like a puncture knife is used to do super-breast surgery in the anterior chamber puncture or auxiliary incision. Such as: 78-6810, 72-1001, the other is used to replace the tunnel knife.

Spoon knife: This is the most sharp knife.

Glass knife: it is very small, is also considered a trail knife.