ophthalmic/LRI /Keratome diamond knife/ Instruments 1.2/2.2/2.4/2.8/3.0mm width for eye/ophthalmic surgery wholesaler

ophthalmic/LRI /Keratome diamond knife/ Instruments 1.2/2.2/2.4/2.8/3.0mm width for eye/ophthalmic surgery wholesaler

1、Keratome,Clear Cornea Blade
2、Double Edge Blade,Crescent Blade
3、Reusable for 300-500times
4、Titanium Handle with J-locking Mechanism


Fast service, competitive prices, best quality are the most important points shaanxi xingmao industry is the No.1 China factory of ophthalmic instruments. The company point at Ophthalmic Sapphire and diamond knives.has grown to be the largest in China. With more than 20 employees and 30 years of experience, we are able to take care of the growing number of customers we receive each and every year.If interest,please contact us:xingmaotech@hotmail.com

Property of ophthalmic blades

The super sharp cutting edge,mirror surface finish,and low friction coefficient combine to create an accurate,clean cut with minimal tissue trauma,Sscarring is thus reduced and incisions heal quickly.The durability of the blades guarantees a unique operational life that exceeds one hundred incisions in addition,the blade and handle can be sterilized using any currently known procedure.


XM172  2.20mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade    XM194  2.40mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade

XM185  2.50mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade    XM186  2.65mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade

XM205  2.75mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade    XM161  2.80mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade

XM162  3.00mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade    XM163  3.20mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade

Clear Cornea Blade.jpg

Ophthalmic Clear Cornea Blade1.jpg

Knives features

The knives have been widely certificated by many surgeons and experts,which have good qualities high stability of physical and chemical properties

l        High hardness, density, sharpness and toughness

l        Black blade, no reflection ensure good visualization

l        Neutral property, stable function for both chemical and physical

l         Compatible with the tissue of human body biologically 

l        Easily sterilizing. No infiltrated and corroded by blood and acid 

l        No metal particles are left in the tissue ensure no infected post operation


As shaanxi xingmao salesmen or engineers, we love to think of ourselves as consultants. Not only can we save you time, but with the knowledge, honesty and integrity, we can save you money. Cooperation with Xingmao, you will receive value that is unmatched. After you deal with us once, you will remain a customer forever. That is why many of those we deal with are not only customers, but also our friends. "You are the most valuable person to me and my practice" and "What would I do without you" are phrases that our employees often hear from our customers.


Our ophthalmic surgical knives are recognized for providing facilities great value based on the wide selection, the quality of our sapphire ophthalmic knives also diamond knives, our Factory Sales Service and instruments warranty .all these no problem.Our product offering includes ophthalmic sapphire knives, diamond knives.Welcome to enquiry.

If you're looking for 1.2/2.2/2.4/2.8/3.0mm width ophthalmic/lri /keratome diamond knife/ instruments for eye/ophthalmic surgery wholesaler, welcome to buy or wholesale the product from our factory. Known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you a discount. Check the quotation with our distributors now.

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