Best Quality Sapphire Trapezoid Blade

Best Quality Sapphire Trapezoid Blade

1、Four sharp-sided,trapezoid-shaped Sapphire blades
2、Two Different Blade Widths For Small&Large Incision
3、Titanium Handle with J-locking Mechanism
4、Super Sharp,Sharp Sides


Shaanxi Xingmao Industry was founded in 1984 with the goal and vision to create a new experience for surgical facilities nationwide that would provide them with a reliable and efficient resource for specialty ophthalmic surgical instruments. Xingmao factory is committed to providing only the highest quality German and U.S. - made surgical instruments across many surgical specialties and maintain the highest standard of quality surgical instruments available in our

Ophthalmic Trapezoid Sapphire knives Advantages 

1#The durability of the blades guarantees a unique operational life that exceed one hundred incisions in addition.

2#The super sharp cutting edge,greater smoothness,clean cut with minimal tissue trauma,Scarring is thus reduced and incisions heal quickly.

3#Titanium handles feature safety locks to protect the super sharp cutting edge from damage prevent injuries to medical personnel.


The handle of ophthalmic blades is made of titanium.The sapphire cmade of 9Mohs hardness sapphire.Both blade and handle are manufactured by Shaanxi Xingmao Industry Co., ISO and FDA registered medical device manufacturerThe quality is reliable and stable. Its main physical properties are as follows:


9 (Mohs)

Fracture toughness

3-4 (Mpa / m)

Bending limit strength


Friction coefficient Kr


Sapphire Trapezoid Blade Item Size《Four Cutting Edges》

ZT148   0.90-1.20mm 60° 0.25mm Trapezoid Blade         ZT149   1.00-1.30mm 60° 0.25mm Trapezoid Blade 

ZT146   1.80-2.20mm 60° 0.25mm Trapezoid Blade         ZT147   1.80-2.40mm 60° 0.25mm Trapezoid Blade 

ZT150      2.90mm      60° 0.25mm Trapezoid Blade 

“Dual Bevel Trapezoid Diamond Knife,ophthalmology surgery tools


Addition Information

(1)The knives need to be sterilized.Please do not clean the knife with cotton wool.

(2) After-sales Insurance

Any customers who is not satisfied with your purchase,please kindly contact us before you leave feedback, we will try to resolve your case as soon as possible.


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