China ophthalmology instruments Black Diamond Trapezoid Blade/Knife

China ophthalmology instruments Black Diamond Trapezoid Blade/Knife

high stability of physical and chemical properties
sterilizing easily
neat incision, wounds healing faster with less scaring


Xingmao factory manufactures sapphire and nano-crystalloid ophthalmic surgical knives which have numerous types.The width range of knives is from 0.3-5.3mm.The knives include paracentesis knife,double edge blade,crescent blade,clear cornea blade,trapezoid blade and trifacet blade etc.If interest,please contact

Ophthalmic Dual Bevel Trapezoid Knife

The knife provides a superb cut far exceeding that of a finely honed steel knife. An incision made by a sapphire knife results in significantly less damage than a conventional steel knife and no metal particles are left behind in the tissue, so wounds heal faster with less scaring.

High stability of physical and chemical properties, good biocompatibility, little effect on neural excitability, small astigmatism, neat incision, wounds healing faster with less scaring, non-infiltration by acid and blood, corrosion resistance, sterilizing easily

Ophthalmic Dual Bevel Trapezoid KnifeFour Cutting Edges

ZT148   0.90-1.20mm 60° 0.25mm Trapezoid Blade         ZT149   1.00-1.30mm 60° 0.25mm Trapezoid Blade 

ZT146   1.80-2.20mm 60° 0.25mm Trapezoid Blade         ZT147   1.80-2.40mm 60° 0.25mm Trapezoid Blade 

ZT150      2.90mm      60° 0.25mm Trapezoid Blade 

Trapezoid Blade.jpg


The trapezoid shaped incision can be altered to a rectangular shape by reintroducing the sapphire blade into the incision and extending the proximal shoulders into the anterior chamber. This eliminates the need for a second sapphire knife for enlarging and creates a reproducible incision, which is not always possible when using a freehand technique.


(1)Immediately after each use,the blade should be thoroughly rinsed with distilled water,taking care not to touch

the blade with anything other than the fluid.

(2)With the blade exposed from the handle,it should then be submerged into a container holding an acceotable agent,such as any ammoniated cleaner,the blade should then be gently moved around in the solution for 30 seconds,being careful not to touch the blade on the sides or bottom of the container.

(3)Inspect the blade under microscope to insure cleanliness and the condition of the blade.Standard sterilization procedures are considered acceptable by the manufacturer.

◎Transporation:By Fedex or DHL Express After Received TT Payment in Three Days.

◎Price Term:C&F or FOB Xi’an

◎Country of Origin:China.Shaanxi,Xi’an

◎Commodity:Sapphire and Diamond Knives for Ophthalmic Surgery 

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