Durable Black Diamond Cataract/ Glaucoma/Astigmatism Surgical Knife

Durable Black Diamond Cataract/ Glaucoma/Astigmatism Surgical Knife

1、Diamond Micrometer Knife
2、Trifacet Blade 1.00mm width
3、Adjustable Micrometer Handle,100% titanium handle
4、Astigmatism Management


Shaanxi Xingmao Industry Co.,Ltd built in 1984,dedicates to designing and manufacturing ophthalmic sapphire and diamond knives.Now introduce our new products black diamond micrometer knife. So sharp,So Enduring.If any need,please contact:xingmaotech@hotmail.com.

Ophthalmic Diamond Micrometer Knives

This is an knife used to make slits for eyes diseases surgery.for example:cataract,glaucoma,astigmatism surgery and other ophthalmic diseases,The knife is equipped with a retractable titanium handle.


The handle of ophthalmic blades is made of titanium.The diamond blade is made of 95% of ZrO2-based and 5% of nano-power by nanotechology processing.Both blade and handle are manufactured by Shaanxi Xingmao Industry Co.,Ltd.an ISO and FDA registered medical device manufacturer.

Knives features

The knives have been widely certificated by many surgeons and experts,which have good qualities high stability of physical and chemical properties

l        High hardness, density, sharpness and toughness

l        Black blade, no reflection ensure good visualization

l        Neutral property, stable function for both chemical and physical

l         Compatible with the tissue of human body biologically 

l        Easily sterilizing. No infiltrated and corroded by blood and acid 

l        No metal particles are left in the tissue ensure no infected post operation

Ophthalmic Diamond Micrometer Knives

XM253  1.00mm 15&30°  Micrometer Knife

XM254  1.00mm 30&45°  Micrometer Knife

Application Method

Before using the knife, slide the push rod forward to the middle work location point and then can be used. After using, it will push rod returned and make the knife head inside the handle. If need to change the knife head, push the push rod to the location point and then use plier or tweezer rotate knife head in  counter- clockwise direction.And install knife head by rotation in clockwise direction.

◎The Application fields for sapphire and diamond knives:Cataract Surgery &Glaucoma Surgery&Astigmatism and Other Ophthalmic Diseases Surgery

◎Transporation:By Fedex or DHL Express After Received TT Payment in Three Days.

◎Price Term:C&F or FOB Xi’an

◎Country of Origin:China.Shaanxi,Xi’an

◎Commodity:Sapphire and Diamond Knives for Ophthalmic Surgery 


If you're looking for durable black diamond cataract/ glaucoma/astigmatism surgical knife, welcome to buy or wholesale the product from our factory. Known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you a discount. Check the quotation with our distributors now.

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