Sapphire Clear Cornea Blade Supplier

Sapphire Clear Cornea Blade Supplier

1、Clear Cornea Incision Surgery
2、Sterilizing easily
3、Neat incision, wounds healing faster with less scaring
4、High stability of physical and chemical properties


With over thirty years of experience service for ophthalmic distributor and ophthalmic surgeons.experts. you can free contact with Shaanxi Xingmao.Whether you need which size sapphire and diamond ophthalmic knives,we can give you fast service and fast delivery.If interest,please contact


Variety of sapphire blade widths. Aluminum handle with J-locking mechanism and angled holder.Titanium Handles feature safety locks to protect the super sharp cutting edge from damage prevent injuries to medical personnel.

Clear Cornea Blade Item Size《FOUR CUTTING EDGES》

ZT172  2.20mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade    ZT194  2.40mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade

ZT185  2.50mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade    ZT186  2.65mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade

ZT205  2.75mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade    ZT161  2.80mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade

ZT162  3.00mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade    ZT163  3.20mm 60° Clear Cornea Blade

Sapphire Clear Corneal Phaco Spear Knives

micro ophthalmic instruments

Knives features

The knives have been widely certificated by many surgeons and experts,which have good qualities high stability of physical and chemical properties

High hardness, 9 Mohs scale

Transparence of the gemstone allow for a very precise incision

Neutral property, stable function for both chemical and physical

Compatible with the tissue of human body biologically

No metal particles are left in the tissue ensure no infected post operation

Addition Information

We are catering to the wide requirements of our clients by providing a wide range of Sapphire Knives. The provided knives are used by surgeons at the time of surgery. Under the guidance of skilled professionals, these knives are manufactured making use of superior quality raw material at our technically sound production unit. In addition to this, our clients can avail these knives in various specifications at budget friendly prices.


Disinfection usually adopts soaking by disinfectant or autoclave sterilization.

(1)Put the knife in the autoclave and sterilize for 20 min at 125 °~ 128 ° temperature. Soaking by disinfectant must reach 10 hours.

(2)After the surgery,clean the bloodstain by clean water and then dry naturally or by blower. Don't use any other items to wipe the blade.

(3) Don’t hit any other instruments to avoid damage.

(4) The knife should be disinfected before using. It is banned to use without disinfection.

(5) when using, cut and quite along the direction of cutting edge.Cannot use the blade to do side pick,otherwise, it will cause the tip of fracture.

(6) if maintain well, it can use 1 ~ 2 years.

◎Transporation:By Fedex or DHL Express After Received TT Payment in Three Days.

◎Price Term:C&F or FOB Xi’an

◎Country of Origin:China.Shaanxi,Xi’an


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