Sapphire Straight/Elbow Double Lancet/Blade Manufacturer

Sapphire Straight/Elbow Double Lancet/Blade Manufacturer

1、Variety of Sapphire blade widths
2、Bevel up,Sharp,Keratome
3、Titanium Handle with J-locking Mechanism and Angled Holder
4、Withstand repeat sterilization without compromising the quality precision
5、At Affordable Price,average cost lower than disposable blades


Xingmao factory manufactures sapphire and nano-crystalloid ophthalmic surgical knives which have numerous types.The width range of knives is from 0.3-5.3mm.The knives include paracentesis knife,double edge blade,crescent blade,clear cornea blade,trapezoid blade and trifacet blade etc.If interest,please contact

Ophthalmic sapphire knives

This is an knife used to make slits for eyes diseases surgery.for example:cataract,glaucoma,astigmatism surgery and other ophthalmic diseases,The knife is equipped with a retractable titanium handle.


The handle of ophthalmic blades is made of titanium.The sapphire blade is made of 9Mohs hardness sapphire.Both blade and handle are manufactured by Shaanxi Xingmao Industry Co., ISO and FDA registered medical device manufacturer.

Knives features

The knives have been widely certificated by many surgeons and experts,which have good qualities high stability of physical and chemical properties

good biocompatibility, little effect on neural excitability

small astigmatism neat incision

wounds healing faster with less scaring

non-infiltration by acid and blood, corrosion resistance,sterilizing easily.

Application Method

Before using the knife, slide the push rod forward to the middle work location point and then can be used. After using, it will push rod returned and make the knife head inside the handle. If need to change the knife head, push the push rod to the location point and then use plier or tweezer rotate knife head in  counter- clockwise direction.And install knife head by rotation in clockwise direction.

Paracentesis Knives Item Size 

Straight Paracentesis Knives (Compatible with Small Titanium Handle)

ZT116 1.00mm 35° Straight Double Lancet

ZT130 1.00mm 60° Straight Double Lancet 

ZT132  1.20mm 60° Straight Double Lancet 

Straight Double Lancet.jpg

Elbow Paracentesis Knives (Compatible with Big Titanium Handle)

ZT221  2.20mm 60° Elbow Double Lancet 

ZT188  2.40mm 60° Elbow Double Lancet 

ZT184  2.50mm 60° Elbow Double Lancet 

ZT131  2.65mm 60° Elbow Double Lancet 

ZT202  2.75mm 60° Elbow Double Lancet

ZT111  2.80mm 60° Elbow Double Lancet

ZT113  3.00mm 60° Elbow Double Lancet

ZT115  3.20mm 60° Elbow Double Lancet

ophthalmic surgery instrument,ophthalmology surgery tools


Disinfection usually adopts soaking by disinfectant or autoclave sterilization.

Put the knife in the autoclave and sterilize for 20 min at 125 °~ 128 ° temperature. Soaking by disinfectant must reach 10 hours.

(2)After the surgery,clean the bloodstain by clean water and then dry naturally or by blower. Don't use any other items to wipe the blade.

(3) Don’t hit any other instruments to avoid damage.

(4) The knife should be disinfected before using. It is banned to use without disinfection.

(5) when using, cut and quite along the direction of cutting edge.Cannot use the blade to do side pick,otherwise, it will cause the tip of fracture.

(6) if maintain well, it can use 1 ~ 2 years.

Transporation:By Fedex or DHL Express After Received TT Payment in Three Days.

Price Term:C&F or FOB Xi’an

Country of Origin:China.Shaanxi,Xi’an


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